“Sik Tak Fan La”
Charity Programme
“Sik Tak Fan La” Charity Programme

One in every four people in Hong Kong lives below the poverty line. In addition, there are 580,000 elderly people in poverty, including 210,000 who live alone. During the epidemic, more grassroots citizens lost their jobs and a steady income, making their lives even more difficult. 7-Eleven is committed to giving back to the community so has launched the “Sik Tak Fan La” Charity Programme with the goal of raising HK$2 million within a year for Pei Ho Counterparts, a social enterprise founded by Chen Cheuk Ming, popularly known as Ming Gor. We aim to help them continue to provide food and assistance to the elderly, homeless people, and grassroots families in need.
Since 9 April 2024,
we have raised
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“Sik Tak Fan La”